About - Prue Madden



I want to talk about how I found freedom, purpose, and fulfillment through building an online business, and how you can too.

Hey, I’m Prue of pruemadden.com, and I’ve been marketer for over 20 years (online and offline) I’ve worked in 6 countries consulting for large International brands spanning 8 years and I’ve run a digital marketing agency since 2010. I have created a full-time income of my passions, blood sweat and tears (well maybe not the blood, but there’s been a lot of sweat and plenty of tears along the way), and I’m passionate about teaching people how to turn their own dream businesses into reality.

I am a Freedom Fighter.  I believe that no person should be forced to spend 40 hours a week, wasting their life away in a job that sucks the life out of them.  I believe that inside every person is a gift that they should be bring to the world. For the first time in history, we have a vehicle that enables every single one of us to reach a massive audience with the click of a button. Now, as business owners, we can self-publish courses, create digital information products, write books, host events, offer coaching, recommend or drop ship products, and provide other services without carrying inventory. This vehicle, of course, is the internet, and I want to teach you how you can use it to create freedom.

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing and my final 6 months was the end of an era that became an all-important turning point in my life.

So let’s take a look at my main criteria for a freedom business:

  • Bring in consistent income

  • Make significant profit

  • Allow you to maintain the income with minimal labour

  • Has passive income potential

  • Has the potential to scale

  • Allows free time to devote to other parts of your life

  • Brings meaning and purpose

So now you know what I’m all about, let’s take a moment to see whether what I have is for you.

Pruemadden.com is for you if:

  • you want to operate an online business but you just don’t know what the first steps are to getting it up and running

  • you have an online “side-gig” or a small online business but want to take it to the next level

  • your online business is really kicking but it’s not bringing the freedom you set out to create (you are working yourself into the ground)

If you are sick of fluffy words and empty generic content, and need the actual tools and actions to propel you forward, then you’re in the right place.

Credentials, you ask? I have worked with 3 international marketing companies, consulted long-term for 6 large corporate brands.  I’ve worked in marketing in Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia. I have completed a double University degree in Marketing and the Arts and I operate a Digital Marketing Agency for medium and small businesses. I have 3 children and I manage my Digital Agency and pruemadden.com while being a devoted mother.  My boys are my motivation for running a freedom business.  That’s what I’ve got, friend. Feel free to email me at any time to ask me any questions you’d like on income streams, business models, systems or anything else…