Welcome to Day 5!

Today we are going to look at the foundation if all great videos. Your content.

You can have beautifully lit video, great audio, a lovely on-brand backdrop… but without great content, none of this will matter. In the end, people just want content that in entertaining, interesting and engaging.To do this, you need to plan your content. You need to plan what topics you will cover, what information you will provide in your videos, and how you will present your information.

It’s important that your information is well researched, well thought out, and that presentation style is engaging. You need to focus on delivering quality content in an efficient manner, so that it’s efficient for the viewer to watch, and you don’t want to waste their time, but also so that it’s efficient for you to produce. Producing high end, complex video once a month will give you 12 videos a year. This is not enough to gain traction and get your viewers into the habit of returning regularly to consume your content and develop a relationship with your brand.You need to find a balance between prolific content production and quality to succeed in this current crowded social media landscape.

So that your body of content has direction and is not just a jumble of random topics that do not have anything in common, choose 3 to 6 content strands, or you may like to call them categories. This will set some boundaries for you by giving you a framework to work within.

If will also help establish a brand for you. You audience will understand what you have to offer and will seek out more from you if the topics you offer resonate with them.

Next, establish a simple script format. A framework for how you will present your videos. You may have a few different styles of video you create, or you may stick to just one. Whatever the case, create a frame work for each style.  For example, if you are creating “How to” videos, you might use a simple intro and outro that you always use, and deliver 3 to 5 key points in the video.

To help with this, spend some time looking at various creators on YouTube, Facebook, or your platform of preference. Once you have found a creator the produces videos in a format that you would like to try, analyze their format of presentation. Create a basic script framework that they follow.


  • Choose 3 – 6 key content strands (categories) that you will plan your content around.
  • Create a simple script format (if you are stuck, explore other creators in your niche to see how they are creating your videos, and create a script framework  from their videos)


Remember, don’t overthink it! Keep it super simple.


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