Your freedom starts here

You know you want freedom from the 9 to 5, but you don’t know where to start.
You know that millions of people around the world have made the migration from desk job to total business freedom.
Now you can get a leg up. Skip the tech stuff and jump straight into learning, then doing!
I’ve done the work for you, from website to social media, to mapping out the earning landscape.

Gorgeous Design

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Drag & Drop Builder

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Fully Responsive

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Fully Responsive

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Business Starter Packages

Want to get your business idea off the ground, but don’t know where to start?  I’ve got you covered.

Grab one of these Business Starter packages below and you’ll be up and running in no time.

You’re ready to do it. To take the leap. You know you have the motivation, and you have a lot to give to the world.

Life is too short to be chained to a desk. Millions are already out there, making their way online, so why not you?

Now that you’ve made the decision, sometimes it feels a little unnerving. I’ve been there. Can I get by without high-flying tech skills? What direction should I take?

I’ve been exactly where you are now. I’ve walked that road.

You know, the internet has opened up opportunities that were simply not around 10 or 20 years ago. Really, 10 years ago, was it even possible to earn a full time income from your lounge room, in your PJ’s?

But how to jump that big divide – when you don’t know how to build a website, when you don’t know your tweets from your hashtags?

Who to follow? Where to start? How to deal with the overwhelm?

Well, you’ve found your Start Here. Now you can proceed until you pass go, collect your $200… buy your first house then win the game!

You see, I’ve created Done-for-you packages for people just like you.

I’ve been there before. I’ve created loads of websites, have a Digital Marketing Agency which I built from the ground up, and have consulted business big and small – from mom and pop businesses to Five Star Resorts… to Olympic suppliers. I’ve done the hard yards and now I bring all of it together to help people like you get up and running online.

I’ll help you uncover what you want to do, then get you on track and ready to run the race to your business goals with a done-for-you website and social media presence.

You can skip the set up and get into the stuff that you do well in next to no time!

“Prue is a great business woman with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and will help any business move forward.”

Keith Rodgers


“I’ve used Prue’s services in Social Media Marketing on a number of occasions on different business. Prue’s understanding of how to use social media as a marketing tool is excellent. Prue’s background as a marketing professional enables her to utilize a pragmatic approach to combining traditional marketing methods with medium’s such as “Facebook”, “Twitter” and “Linkedin”.”

Peter La Fontaine

Regional Sales Manager, Ruckus Wireless